Our Parent Guide is now over 150 pages and was updated as recently as February 2021. It is the most up-to-date and comprehensive book available in respect of admission appeals, the law and pracrice..

For the first time, Matt, as an experienced professional with many years dealing with and advising on school admission appeals, has written an invaluable guide for all parents appealing or thinking of appealing for a school place.

The Guide, which is written in plain english designed to cut through the overly legal language that can be confusing to those not familiar with this area, will significantly improve any parents chances of success when appealing. As far as we are aware, this is the only guide which reflects the absolute up to date position in respect of the Appeals Code which was published on 2nd February 2012. The Parent Guide also includes recent decisions of the Local Government Ombudsman and Education Funding and Skills Agency in respect of appeal issues. The latest version also reflects the changes made to appeal arrangements due to COVID 19.

The Guide, which is over 150 pages in length, covers key topics such as the legislative framework, dealing with your admission authority, how to present your case to make it stand out from the crowd and what not to say and do. It is also now endorsed by the Advisory Centre for Education, the largest education support body in the country.

Finally, unlike any other publication you will find on admission appeals, the Guide sets out FOUR example Grounds of Appeal, drafted by me that have been successful at hearings (suitably anonymised) and template letters, both of which can be tailored to your own personal circumstances, plus the latest Local Government Ombudsman decisions that can aid you in your quest for the school of your choice.

Since 2014 we have asked all parents who have undertaken a 1-2-1 parent consultation session, whether they were very satisfied with the advice they received and whether they found the session helpful in terms of their particular appeals. We are pleased that 100% of parents agreed with these statements!

It costs only £12.99, so for the cost of a round of drinks, you can be in a position to hopefully win your appeal and secure your child's educational future for the next few years.

There are advice "leaflets" of a dozen or so pages you can buy on the web but they really do not compare in terms of the author's experience and the depth of information provided in this publication.    

So, how do you buy the Guide? There are a number of ways.

The quickest way is via Paypal, which will be familiar to all ebayers. By using the "Buy Now" button below and you will be taken direct to the Paypal site where you will be able to pay securely. You can also use this facility with your debit or credit card (click on the button marked "I do not have a Paypal account" for debit or credit card payments), just follow the instructions after clicking the button. Having paid you will be redirected immediately to a download page where you can access a link and then either print or save the book to your PC or laptop.

In the unlikely event that you are not directed to download page, then simply send an email to matt@schoolappeals.com and we will send it direct to you by return.

Parent Guide - £12.99 

Please note this is a PDF download and we do not post out copies. As soon as you have paid you will be directed to a download, please save this to a PC or a laptop.

Having been established for many years, we are likely to have a drafted a successful appeal submission that will have included within it similar circumstances and issues that are relevant to your case and we will provide you with anonymised example appeal templates as part of the review process, such issues can include

  • bullying
  • faith commitment
  • distance
  • medical issues
  • friendship issues
  • family reasons
  • educational reasons
  • environmental reasons 

However, if you prefer old fashion cheques, you can send an email to matt@schoolappeals.com with your details or call us on 01279 731180 and we can email you a copy on receipt of your payment.

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